Sunday, October 24, 2010

Veronica Unleashed Launches Today!

Happy Sunday Guys!

Please join me at my NEW blog - Veronica Unleashed at

I have an awesome $50 to give away, compliments of PURE Taqueria, that can be used for food and/or drinks! All you have to do is "follow" to enter! There are four other ways to increase your chances of winning! Check it out!

The winner will be selected by random drawing Wednesday!

Thanks in advance for your support!

Now lets have a blast!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

New Blog

Hi Guys!

Stay posted! I have a new blog, and blog address launching! I will be deleting this one soon! With my first post I will forward you the new blog address! Hope you join me!

Veronica Unleashed is all about being "Grown and Sexy"! Yep, I have been officially set free! No celebrity gossip. No relationship talk. No Man vs Woman talk. I'm keeping it real, keeping it clear, and just keeping it fun!

I will be sharing my personal take on what I think is "Grown and Sexy". For men, and women; things to consider about sexuality! Get informed, try something new, or just gasp! Believe me, I'm having a blast researching!

I will be showcasing fabulous items that make perfect gifts for the Goddess in your life! Sexy items that you may just want to buy for yourself! Where to go in Atlanta for that special night out, or for a Girls Night Out! Where are the best places to receive services that bring out the Goddess in you! Getaways fit for a King, and/or a Queen! Stay healthy, and stay sexy! Stay young in body, and in spirit! Ideas Ideas original - I'll showcase "drop dead" ideas for you, and/or your special someone - just between us! :)

I want to stay informed. I want to be enlightened. I want to explore. I like pretty things and I love to be treated like a Goddess. I am UNLEASHED and I'm taking you with me!

I'm looking, asking, and researching! Join me on my journey to stay "Grown and Sexy"!